Collective Memories is Matthias Groebel’s second one-man show at Universal Concepts Unlimited, in New York. The gallery exhibition will run from 15 November to 23 December 2003. Collective Memories Online complements the exhibit by presenting background material to Groebel’s work, including details of his primary sources and the paintings’ thematic backdrop.


Much of Collective Memories comes from the tradition of the danse macabre, and in particular its use by three artists: Simone Baschenis, James Ensor and the Grateful Dead. The paintings were created from Groebel’s video footage of the church of St Ursula in Cologne, Germany, and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Teruven, Belgium. Both places were built to preserve memories. St Ursula is homage to 11,001 martyred virgins. The museum showcases Central African art.