November 15 – December 23, 2003

Opening reception: Saturday, 15 November, 6 – 8 pm

Universal Concepts Unlimited is pleased to announce the opening of Collective Memories, an exhibition of paintings by Matthias Groebel, on Saturday, 15 November, from 6-8 pm.


Matthias Groebel has used digital technologies for over ten years now. He is one the very few artists who has gone as far as designing and building his own digital devices that perfectly meet his artistic requirements. This gives his work a unique texture and sets him aside from other process-oriented painters.


Collective Memories is Groebel's first thematic show. All of the paintings originate in the tradition of the danse macabre, where skeletons awake to a grim liveliness. Visually, the paintings are striking demonstrations of the quality that can emerge from collaborations between man and machine. Conceptually, they are at the intersection of layer after layer of theories of memory, social history and social identity.


This is Groebel’s second one-man show at Universal Concepts Unlimited. All of the paintings were completed in the past year. The show is also the first show where Groebel uses his private videotapes as exclusive primary sources.


The gallery show is accompanied by Collecitve Memories Online, a website that presents background material to the paintings, including details of the primary sources and the paintings' thematic backdrop. You will find Collective Memories Online at