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"Vanishing Points"

February 23  -  April 6
Tues. - Sat., 11am-6pm 

artists represented by the gallery:

Suzanne Anker
Frank Gillette
Matthias Groebel
Ingo Gunther
Steve Miller
Joseph Nechvatal
Michael Rees
Bradley Rubenstein
Michael Zansky





 For Immediate Release 

 Universal Concepts Unlimited is pleased to present the work of Matthias Groebel in an exhibition entitled Vanishing Points. On view at Universal Concepts Unlimited, from  February 23 - April 6, 2002.
A public opening reception for the artist will be held at the gallery on Saturday, February 23, 6-8 pm, at 507 West 24th Street in Chelsea.

Vanishing Points will feature digitally produced paintings that incorporate images and text from a variety of sources: TV, video tapes, and Asian video CDs. Groebel manipulates the sampled television images, addressing the general cultural memory inherent in these images. By synthesizing traditional painting with computer printing techniques, Groebel constructs the machines that manufacture the paintings, he combines the elements associated with painting and reconfigures the working process, making it clear that the vanishing point of his artistic practice lays outside the canvas. Groebel’s interest in painting is not about painting, however, instead he uses the vocabulary of painting as a means to depict how perception is altered.

Originally the vanishing point was invented in the renaissance as a means to construct a representation of space. This development coincided with the birth of the individual and marked a shift of consciousness. Groebel maintains that the modified representation of space introduced by the camera marks another shift of consciousness. Television pictures are the most removed images from the mathematical renaissance construction and are perceived as "real" today.

Matthias Groebel is a German artist living and working in Cologne; this is his first solo exhibition in New York.

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