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Dr. Overflow

Hacked Channels

There has bee one source for the basic material of my paintings over the last years: The TV program. And I'm not about to change this right now. Only that for my new series I limited my choice to the British Sky channels. These channels are liable and therefore transmitted encrypted. And since Sky only bought the transmission rights for England, there is no legal way to decode it on the continent.

Some people just don't care that much for legality and the internet always has been a good place to look for that kind of guys. And down there, within the dark, virus contaminated sites, where addresses change frequently and people use pseudonyms like "R2D2" or "Dr. Overflow" to hide their identity, you can find some programs to decode the Sky programs. These programs are offered for free, obviously for the pure joy of fucking "the system" whenever you can.

All one needs is to download them and a cheap video input card for your computer, and you will be able to watch the sky programs on your monitor in real-time as they are transmitted over the satellite - or kind of. Because while I adore the genius of these hackers - I saw some of the source code, and it is really impressive - I have to say that you end up with something that will give you a bad headache if you try to watch it like normal TV. While the single pictures are trying to surface within their 15 something frames per second time limit, they end up in a blast of semi-figural structures habitual. These structures are not "abstract" in the sense of the word: The point, from where abstraction would be possible, is the exact point they never made it to.

The feeling of abstract painting, that these images give you, when transferred onto canvas by my homebuilt painting machine, is hallucination, just like anything else you might be sure to recognize.

Please don't tell me you know the effect. I'm sure you do, because that is the way we all look at the world: Trying to decode the structures.

That means: Hallucinating.

M.Groebel, 2K