pixellated portraits from the digital edge



Wolfgang Staehle





Won-il Rhee




Suzanne Anker




Edmond Couchot








Christine Buci-Glucksmann



Carl Fudge




Kathy Brew



Bruce Wands




Stephane Sikora




Anne Barlow




Carol Parkinson



Carter Hodgkin



Cory Arcangel




Doron Golan




Christiane Paul



Johanna Drucker



Ebon Fisher



Frank Gillette



G.H. Hovagimyan



Ken Goldberg



Ken Rinaldo



David Ross




John Klima



Tina La Porta




Donald Kuspit




Barbara London




Margot Lovejoy



Matthias Groebel




Michael Rees



Marie-Claude Nechvatal






Steve Miller



Bil Ehrlich



Robert C. Morgan






Marian Ziola



Frank Popper



Randall Packer




Michael Rush




Steve Sacks



Thyrza Goodeve



Mark Tribe


McKenzie Wark



Wolf-Dieter Stoeffelmeiier



Joseph Nechvatal









BEING IS DIFFERENCE is an expandable portrait series started in the winter of 2005 in New York City. Some cyber-tinged artists, gallery owners, critics, collectors and curators, who I wished to celebrate, came and sat for me - and I wish to thank them again. I was interested here in an interlaced sense of artistic viractuality that couples the biological with the technological and the static with the malleable. As such, BEING IS DIFFERENCE strives for an understanding and depiction of an anti-essentiality of the techno-body so as to allow for a non-privileged logos. Here images of the flesh are undone by machinic and viral disturbances they cannot contain and thus thought detaches itself from the order and authority of the old signs and topples down into the realm of viractual reverie.



Twinkle Twinkle

Joseph Nechvatal






And here are some mash-ups where people crash into each other




Stephane Sikora meets Tina La Porta





Won-il Rhee meets Michael Rush




Christine Buci-Glucksmann meets Cory Arcangel




Steve Miller meets Marie-Claude Nechvatal





Ebon Fisher meets G.H. Hovagimyan







Carl Fudge meets Carl Fudge (Double Fudge)




Carter Hodgkin meets Christine Buci-Glucksmann





Ken Goldberg meets Frank Gillette





Donald Kuspit meets Marie-Claude Nechvatal





Christiane Paul meets Frank Popper





Mark Tribe meets Frank Popper





Frank Popper meets Ken Goldberg




Thyrza Goodeve meets double Carl Fudge




Ebon Fisher meets G.H. meets Steve Miller meets Tina La Porta