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...what a 21st century documenta could look like


Joseph Nechvatal

 paint, robot, virus


 Christian de Lutz





the three graces

2011 66x44” computer-robotic assisted acrylic on velvet canvas


Nechvatal’s work mix painting, programming, politics and biology. He has been working in digital media since the 1980s and in particular with viruses since 1999. His algorithmically and robotically assisted paintings develop from programs where imagery is in part dissolved by computer viruses, a process in which the artist creates an “interface between the biological and the technological.”


His writings include Towards an Immersive Intelligence  and Immersion into Noise.

Nechvatal, who receiveda PhD in 1999 in The Philosophy of Art and New Technology has developed a set of theories concerning our increasing immersion in the virtual (Viractualism).


If painting is to be rescued from the ruins of postmodernism, it may be through Joseph Nechvatal’s unique body of works and writings.




jaundiced ignudiO

2003 44x66” computer-robotic assisted acrylic on canvas


REAL TIME {a procedure of ignudiO excess} “is a body of paintings from 2003 by Joseph Nechvatal. It is about the viral hermaphroditic body suspended in the ready position of timeless excessive - a sort of sullied Epicurean Hellenism simultaneously antediluvian and post-human. For this sub-theme of double-sexness, Nechvatal drew inspiration from Michelangelo’s famous series of ignudis.


published here June 20th, 2012