by L. Brandon Krall

"Taney Roniger on penelOpe pandemOnium"

"bOdy pandemOnium : Immersion into Noise at Art Laboratory Berlin in Art in Berlin"

by Barbara Borek

"Infected Paintings as an Allegory of Migration"

by Taney Roniger

"Charlene Spretnak on Joseph Nechvatal and The Spiritual Dynamic in Modern Art"

"Joseph Nechvatal´s Velvet Love"

by Matthew Rose

"100 Ideas that Changed Art"

by Michael Bird

"La Gazette Drouot "

Full-page profile with interview

"noise anusmOs "

par Giancarlo Pagliasso

"an alternative documenta "

by Christian de Lutz

"nOise anusmOs "

by Robert C. Morgan

"Joseph Nechvatal's nOise anusmOs "

by Yuting Zou

"Chelsea Walk: How to Succeed in Art Criticism Without Really Trying. "

by John Perreault

"joseph nechvatal a new york: noise anusmos. dentro il rumore "

di Giancarlo Pagliasso

"Cum on Feel the Noize "

by Jamie Allen

"Digital Brushstrokes: Diverse Techniques In Contemporary Digital Painting"

by Michelle A. Tavano

"Joseph Nechvatal (2011) Immersion Into Noise"

by Taney Roniger

"Joseph Nechvatal’s Immersive Noise Theory"

by Yuting Zou

"There was once this cave full of your most beautiful dreams"

by Erik Empson

"Nina Zivancevic interview of Joseph Nechvatal"

for A Gathering Of The Tribes Interviews

"Television Art, Ubiquity and Immersion.
A Dialogue of Translation with Joseph Nechvatal"

by Yves Citton

"Gentils virus en veine de communion picturale"

by Florent Founès

"Noisy Viral Threat : Joseph Nechvatal "

by Manuela de Barros

"Joseph Nechvatal :: New Works"

by Heidi Nordberg

"The Matrix of Sensations"

by Donald Kuspit

"Joseph Nechvatal: Contaminations"

by Patrick Lichty

"Viral Attacks: The Work of Joseph Nechvatal"

by Seth Thompson

From "At the Edge of Art"

Joline Blais & Jon Ippolito on Joseph Nechvatal


par Danielle Delouche


by Ebon Fisher

"The Laws of Cool"

by Dr. Alan Liu

"Apparitins virales"

par Henri-Francois Debailleux

Artforum Web 3-2004 Critic´s Picks

"vOluptuary: an algorithmic hermaphornology"

reviewed by
Joe Lewis

"Critical Pleasure"

Johana Drucker

"On Joseph Nechvatal"

Frank Popper

"On Joseph Nechvatal"

Christiane Paul

"On vOluptuary: an algorithic hermaphornology"

Robert C. Morgan

"On the Ecstatic Excess of Joseph Nechvatal"

Carlo McCormick

"Joseph Nechvatal"

by Philip Pocock

"polyALTERITY : Joseph Nechvatal"

by Sarah Maline

"Joseph Nechvatal : Deprivileging Critique"

by Tricia Collins and Richard Milazzo

"Joseph Nechvatal : Laminations of the Soul"

by Robert C. Morgan

"Joseph Nechvatal"

by Jay Murphy

"Nechvatal´s Visionary Computer Virus"

by Robert C. Morgan

"The Ghost of Electriciry"

by Barry Blinderman

"Joseph Nechvatal in Postflesh"

by Rachel Clarke

"Nechvatal ‘Postflesh’ Artweek"

by David M. Roth

"l’extrême contemporain"

by Dominique Baqué

"Artist´s digital exhibit at Butler Institute proves provocative, innovative"

by Dorothy Shinn

"at The Butler Institute of American Art"

by Joe Pinchot

"Joseph Nechvatal’s Decalcomania and the Final Fulfillment of Death"

by Robert Kleyn

"The Dark Palimpsest of Joseph Nechvatal"

by Edit DeAk

"Joseph Nechvatal and the Lower East Side"

by Kimberly Fine

"The New Sleep: Stasis and the Image-Bound Environment"

by Tricia Collins and Richard Milazzo

"Joseph Nechvatal - Brooke Alexander 1990"

Reviewed by Jenifer P. Borum

"Joseph Nechvatal - Brooke Alexander 1988"

Reviewed by Carlo McCormick

"Joseph Nechvatal - Brooke Alexander 57th St show 1984"

reviewd by Donald Kuspit

"Joseph Nechvatal - Semaphore Gallery 1984"

Reviewed by Jean Fisher