Joseph Nechvatal
Welcome to my home page.
You will see here some digital maquettes for my computer-robotic assisted
acrylic on canvas paintings.
To obtain a work of mine, for special requests, for more information concerning my work with computer viruses, feel free to email me.
There are links here to texts about my work as well as texts I have written.

Biographical Background

Concise Overview 1982 - 2019

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©~Ñ~vibrator, even

XS: The Opera Opus: An Operatic Transvaluation of No Wave Aesthetics

Turning the Viral Tempest

The Viral Tempest

Selected Sound Works (1981-2021)

Orlando et la tempête

Computer Virus 1.0 and the Return of Lazarus

Destroyer of Naivetés: COMPUTER VIRUS 1.0

The Migrant as Conscientous Objector - Joseph Nechvatal
Interview with Thyrza Goodeve

Odyssey pandemOnium

viral castratO

bOdy pandemOnium

prOtOcOls nOn
(nO rules)

From Photography to Post-Photography

My participation in the

by Taney Roniger

nOise anusmOs

Immersion Into Noise

Balancing Art and Complexity:
Joseph Nechvatal's Computer Virus Project

Viral Venture Panel


art retinal revisite : histoire de l'oeil

Joseph Nechvatal Interviewed by Michael Rush

Towards an Immersive Intelligence:
Essays on the Work of Art
in the Age of Computer Technology
and Virtual Reality (1993-2006)

terra incOgnitO

Recent Paintings @ Galerie Richard

america jesus tOrture

viral symphOny

Contaminations ( a mini-survey )

back tO Order


Adventures Virales :: Viral Adventures

REAL TIME {a procedure of ignudiO excess}

vOluptuary: an algorithic hermaphornology

The Live Virus

ec-satyricOn 2000

Virus Project 2.0 debute at MIG

Various Installation Views
Selected Computer-robotic canvases 1986-91

Drawings and drawing-based works from 1980-1987 Artist Statement : Realizing the Virtual
email me at: (Joseph Nechvatal)

Essays on Joseph Nechvatal's work

published articles






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